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For Happy Clients

We obtain our success from happy clients. Isn’t that going a bit far? Not for us. Our experience shows that the search for that one top professional involves an unpredictable process. Without promising mountains of gold, we dare to state that our results-oriented search and the unusual collaborative approach we take make the difference. As a result, we continue to succeed in making our clients happy. And that’s why we do it: happy clients. Because satisfaction is not enough.

How We Make Clients Happy

How We Make Clients Happy

Unburden – it’s a trendy word, but REP has really made it its own. We can do this because we operate in a very specific market.
As a specialist, we have refined the depth and breadth of our services. And that delivers for you! We work according to our own model of potential, which we use to achieve demonstrably better results. To have the course run as smoothly as possible, we offer advice and support during the entire process as well as afterwards. And that feels like a warm bath. Want to know all the details? Please call +31 (0)26 3510020 for an explanation.

Involvement in the entire process

Phase 1
Position analysis
Market screening
Interviewing at the office
Personality analyses
Phase 2
Interviewing at the client
Advice and evaluation
Phase 3
Position filled

Rep's Focus: 100% involvement in your case

and the future

We Excel in These Industries

We believe in specialization. We have dug deeply into selected industrial markets, where we focus on executive, management and senior commercial positions. This strong focus makes us a specialist with significant knowledge and experience. We understand your organizational issues, advise both strategically and tactically, and fill a position more quickly and in a more focused manner. REP specializes in the following selected markets:

REP Recruitment

REP Recruitment fills structural and interim positions at the executive, management and senior commercial levels. We make national and international clients in selected markets successful, because human capital is an important condition for success. But we do more than that. We make you happy, by not only focusing on results, but by exceeding expectations time after time. We strive to be the best, not necessarily the largest, and this bears fruit.

Setting the standard. Today as well as tomorrow.

Structural & interim management

Executive, Management and Senior Sales

Exceeding expectations

Innovative & results-oriented

Focus and specific knowledge of selected markets


Here you will find some of our current assignments. Due to confidentiality, the list is not complete. We therefore invite you to leave your information with us, so that we may contact you for interesting positions. If you include your résumé or CV via the button, you will always receive a confirmation of receipt from us.

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