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Facing extensive growth in (project) size, responsibility and complexity? REP delivers accelerated organisational development enabeling our clients to continue to meet their customers needs. Our Interim Professionals are industry experts with extensive proven track records, who succesfully guide your company through complex organizational growth and developement.


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Rep's Focus: 100% involvement in your case

and the future

We Excel in These Industries

We believe in specialization. We have dug deeply into selected industrial markets, where we focus on executive, management and senior commercial positions. This strong focus makes us a specialist with significant knowledge and experience. We understand your organizational issues, advise both strategically and tactically, and fill a position more quickly and in a more focused manner. REP specializes in the following selected markets:

REP Recruitment

Interim Management enables accelerated growth. Our ‘best of class’ Interim Managers have a long term commitment with REP. Analysis is the foundation of any succsful project; understanding your challenges is key. Only when we fully understand them, we will present a selection of fully qualified specialists or managers to choose from. By connecting Interim Managers to our company, but also with eachother, we are not just a recruiter. REP is a knowledge center.

Over 10 years of experience (a.o.)

Transition from ‘engineer-to-order’ to ‘configure to order’

Set up Project Management Offce (PMO)

Implement manageable KPI’s for quality, riskmanagement en ROI

Development of management and board level executives

Proces improvement and implementation continues improvement knowledge