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A vacancy is never an isolated problem, its always a part of the total organisational challenge. It’s not just about tasks, its about company culture, stakeholders, goals, characters and ambition. A vacancy is a chance to accelerate company development. Client case tailorded recruitment and our unique multi channel aproach results in finding every candidate we set our minds on. Inside and outside the Benelux area. We have a large world wide network. Our pro active and goal focussed attitude combined with best of class selection tools results in finding the very best professionals.


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Rep's Focus: 100% involvement in your case

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We Excel in These Industries

We believe in specialization. We have dug deeply into selected industrial markets, where we focus on executive, management and senior commercial positions. This strong focus makes us a specialist with significant knowledge and experience. We understand your organizational issues, advise both strategically and tactically, and fill a position more quickly and in a more focused manner. REP specializes in the following selected markets:

REP Recruitment

For over 10 years REP Recruitment is the partner for demanding companies and institutions for Board, Management and senior sales positions. Our Consultants are experienced business partners that give clear answers to your questions. Sometimes even without being asked a question. They know the market and have acces to an extensive international network of candidates and use the best selection tools. It’s 2016, the world is transparent. It’s not about how many records your database holds. It’s about true connections, about proving your added value. Which we do, all day every day. Don’t believe us, try us and see for your self.

Over 10 years of experience (a.o.)

Board, Management and Senior Sales positions

International recruitment

Assessments and (psychological) evaluation

Executive search / head hunting